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I am a teacher.

I have been a public school teacher for 18 years because I want to make a difference in the lives of kids, but the restrictions I am forced to teach under now mean I simply can't do the things I set out to do in the classroom. For 18 years, I have worked with some of the most disadvantaged students in our system. In that time, there have been many changes to our public-school system: few of them good. I have seen changes that have taken away the ability of teachers to work with students to create instruction and curriculum that meets their specific needs. I have watched as our school leaders became obsessed with test scores. I've seen the breakdown in classroom discipline – teachers who are afraid of their own classrooms.

The non-traditional student of 25 years ago is the traditional student today. Two parent households seem like the exception, not the rule, and with that change have come changes in what our kids need. We need a system that strives to meet their individual needs through flexibility and choice. We need a system that holds everyone accountable, yet still leaves room for creativity. And we need great teachers ready to tackle these challenges head-on.

After 18 years in the classroom, I know what it takes to get that done. It's time for a teacher to lead our schools.